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Anonymously report incidents at your school. 

Bully Buster Quiz

Are You a Bully?

from the book:

 Bullies are a Pain in the Brain by Trevor Romain

1. Do you pick on people who are smaller than you, or on animals?

2. Do you like to tease and taunt other people?

3. If you tease people, do you like to see them get upset?

4. Do you think it's funny when other people make mistakes?

5. Do you like to take or destroy other people's belongings?

6. Do you want other students to thing you're the toughest kid in school?

7. Do you get angry a lot and stay angry for a long time?

8. Do you blame other people for things that go wrong in your life?

9. Do you like to get revenge on people who hurt you?

10. When you play a game or sport, do you always have to be the winner?

11. If you lose at something, do you worry about what other people will think of you?

12. Do you get angry or jealous when someone else succeeds? 

If you answer "yes" to one or two of these questions, you may be on your way to becoming a bully. If you answer "yes" to three or more of these questions, you probably are a bully and you need to find ways to change your behavior.

 Be a Tiger - Not a Bully!!!!

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