Differentiated Learning


Acuity assessments are given to provide diagnostic measures for grade 3-8 students in English/language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, Algebra I, and English 10. Assessment reports provide standards-aligned performance data, which support an educator's ability to inform instruction at the student-, class-, school-, and corporation-level. Jackson administers the Predictive Acuity Assessment which highly correlates to the ISTEP assessment. The data from this assessment identifies areas of weakness in mastering the Indiana State standards. These areas are retaught and remediated. 

Compass Learning Odyssey

Compass Learning Odyssey is a Web-based Integrated Learning System (ILS) that can enhance every student's opportunity to achieve. Curriculum is aligned with state and national standards to provide an engaging and stimulating learning environment for students. A variety of instructional approaches support multiple learning styles, intelligence, and levels of achievement. Teachers and administrators in the South Bend Community School District have been using Compass as part of their weekly strategies to provide students with appropriate learning activities, to monitor progress, and measure performance on objective-based common assessments.