The Daily 5

The Daily 5 is a management set of tools that builds structure in a classroom for the students as well as the teacher. Students have a set of learning strategies modeled and then mapped out for them to achieve success at their own pace. The set of learning tools are very basic:

  • Students will read to themselves.
  • Students will read to someone else.
  • Students will write.
  • Students will listen to one another read.
  • Students will do vocabulary and word work.

The teacher utilizes this set of guidelines to shape their day’s instructions. The system can be “tweaked” to an individual teacher’s (or student’s) requisites, as long as the basic skill sets are maintained. The beauty of all this is when the students adopt and adapt to the independence they all strive for. We believe that “Stamina” builds “Trust,” and that “Trust” builds that coveted “Independence.”